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mpiBLAST mailing lists

announcements -- [ sign-up ] [ archive ] (Users cannot post to this list)
This is a low-volume list that is used to announce new version of mpiBLAST, important updates, etc. The list is only for announcements, so only the mpiBLAST development team can post to the list. Posts from outside the mpiBLAST development team will be automatically discarded.

bugs -- [ sign-up ] [ archive ]
This mailing list is devoted to bug tracking. If you think you have found a bug in the software, please send an email to this list detailing it. We ask that you provide as much detail as possible to better guide the developers to a solution. Information that will be of use includes, but is not limited to the following: mpiblast version, mpiblast command line arguments, configuration or make command line arguments, operating system and version, hardware description, expected output, and the resulting error or incorrect output. We also ask that you run mpiblast with the "debug" option turned on and submit the resulting debug files as well.

users -- [ sign-up ] [ archive ]
This mailing list is devoted to all issues, comments, and questions that relate to installing and using mpiBLAST. Before posting to this list, please check the FAQ, Installation Guide, User's Guide, Wiki? and users Archive for an answer to your question. Oftentimes you will find a solution in these pages much faster than you will get a response from the mailing list.

developers -- [ sign-up ] [ archive ]
This mailing is devoted to issues that deal with the development of mpiBLAST. Requests for new features, questions about the source code, and new patches are examples of topics that should be sent to this list. Questions about how to use mpiBLAST or problems with using mpiBLAST should be directed to the users mailing list mentioned above.

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